We have our own guitar manufacturer!

Those who already know us, know about our guitar player Robert Bašić – the young and industrious guitar builder who took the Croatian guitar scene by storm.

Quickly rising from just another kid who fiddles with guitars to being one of the sought-after guitar builders in the region, surpassing old masters in the craft itself by ever increasing quality, innovation and an approach that has RBasic custom handmage guitars in such a demand that the waiting list is getting longer by the month.

Robert has even been developing his own unique designs that have players and guitar enthusiasts alike wanting one.


Photo by Roman Martin


Swat & Bassmater

tobacco burst brothers

And that’s not all…. Which guy-band can say their young prodigy guitar hero was featured in Playboy!?

Someone once said that guitars are like women – we’re attracted to them for their unique personalities, their curves, cherish them, take care of them and love them, sometimes more than we love ourselves. 

Guess this magazine editor thinks so too and we applaud him for it!

While we are proud to be Robert’s manakins, RBasic guitars can now be seen and heard on stage and in studio with a number of successful Croatian bands and artists including Hladno pivo, Kojoti, Prljavo kazalište, Kawasaki 3p, Urban i 4, Brkovi and others including a couple of his babies that have made their home in collections across Europe.