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It’s the simple love of music, the allure of the fable three chords and the truth. Or maybe it’s just a need to do something new with a guitar. Noone really knows… but this patchwork of guitar geeks, metalheads, blues boys, wise guys and karaoke stars came together with one ambition – to bring something new to the Croatian music scene with their own brand of country’n’roll.

This ambition is ever growing and now the world is our playground!


Pick up a guitar and name a band or singer that you want to sound like. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash, ZZ top, Guns’n’Roses, BB King, Eric Clapton. Maybe it’s Metallica, Elvis, AC/DC… Or even Dire Straits, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen…. We all went through the motions.

Then somehow you see Garth Brooks live on TV.  A Brad Paisley solo puts a bug in your ear. A Chris Stapleton chorus gets you glued to YouTube. Because all that sounds so awesome you just have to find out how the hell they do it. And you want more. So all of a sudden you’re laughing at Travis Tritt’s mullet or Charlie Daniels huge cowboy hat. You’re singing along to every song in a playlist you found or drumming on your steering wheel while stuck in traffic because you’ve just got the new Toby Keith album.

It’s what happens when you discover the pull of the southern sound and realize how much of it you’ve already heard through all your hours spent in front of a stereo, listening to all your favorite tunes and it grows on you.


Next step is to find a few good buddies and start a band. So you start pickin’ like a runaway KFC asset with an old telecaster. Or just build yourself one.. that works too. Get that southern drawl down, check! Then change 15 drummers and 8 bass players ’till you get the groove right.

You’ll also need a name. That’s a tough one.
Get all the bad ideas out of your system while having a beer after rehearsal and then just wait. Finally, a random guy just walks by and shoots his mouth off. He something you wouldn’t think of in a million years and THAT’S IT!

But all of this, the passion for making music, the story of musical discovery, feeling on top of the world when you hear the crowd wanting more, that’s what Country Strike is all about. 



Our latest release

Ghost Riders In The Sky | Johnny Cash Cover

The first single of our coming album is available now on all major streaming platforms.


And you can listen to our first EP – Go-time, as well.



New music is on the way so check out our LISTEN section for all the details.


Leading the band’s resume are three awards from the Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards festival in Jefferson, Texas (USA), among dozens of artists from around the world



Entertainer of the year (2015. i 2016.)
Personality of the year (2015.)

2020. could see a return to Texas for another run. We kinda miss the heat!

And with plans to take to the road a little closer to home and see how loud European crowd can be this year is shaping up to be another big one for us so keep you’re ears and eyes peeled, ’cause we might just be in you’re neighbourhood soon!

Thanks to you for taking the time to read our story and we hope we get to write new chapters of it together with you, our fans!


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Alen Frljak
Drums, backing vocals

Mario Hendija
Guitar, backing vocals

Tomislav Vedrina
Vocals, guitar, harmonica

Robert Bašić
Guitar, backing vocals

Željko Marjanović
Bass guitar, backing vocals


“…suddenly – a spectacle out of the blue…What Country Strike’s guitarist does is really something completely different. My heart rate raced with every solo. Those were real bombshells.


Read more about the RBasic custom handmade guitars in our NEWS section

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Country Strike plays guitars made by our own guitar player, Robert Bašić

Rbasic custom handmade guitars